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Toymans Day 5

Well its the last day this will be hard to outdo the last 4 days. Well remember on day 2 how I had water in my tank and it ran like crap over 50 mph, well I found the problem this morning it seems when I drained my carb bowl I kinked my fuel line to the carb. Fixed that and it ran like a top. We left Rawlings early and headed towards Georgetown.

Antelope along side of the road, these rascals ran beside me for about a mile when I speed up they did too we ran side by side at 45 mph

Seems like this road goes on forever and so did the wind whoa.

Medicine Bow National Forest, finally some trees.

Oleary right behind me, we lucked out on the dust as we had very little the whole trip.

We round a turn and run into this road block, no one was around but the stacking boom was running, if I had to wait much longer I was going to climb aboard and move it, would have been fun but as my luck would have it the skidder operator shows up and snags it a clears the road, oh well next time

Aspen Alley

This is looking from Battle Mountain overlook

On the way to Hayden

Will finish this report tomorrow, can't keep my eyes open
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