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Day 5 - Moab UT to Green River UT

Yes, an epic day this. All of about 80 miles.

Who of us was the biggest loser? I'll let you the readers chime in on that.

We're up early at the Super 8. Downstairs for the free breakfast. I guess Brian hasn't stayed at a Super 8 before (he's probably more of a La Quinta/Best Western kinda guy) so he's less than impressed by the sugar crusted cereal and stale english muffin breakfast. Or maybe he's still cranky from the smell of gasoline Personally, I slept fine.

We're on the road by 8.30am, stop for gas and then it's South a couple of miles to Moab Powersports (huge thanks to these guys, they charged me nothing and were super helpful, A1 place). We got there just as they opened but before the mechanic had arrived. They only had 1 qt of oil and I needed a bit more. So I sent Brian off in search of some Mobil 1 15w50 as there were a couple of auto parts stores 100 yards away. Ten minutes later he shows up with 2 quarts . Also the mechanic has arrived so I ask if he can oil my air filter and the filterskins I've used so far, "no problem". I go back to changing the jets and changing the oil and Brian decides he should rejet also. This turns out to be a bit of a mistake a) because I'm done with the rejet, air filter change and oil change before he's finished changing his jets b) because the DRZ runs worse after

It's about 10.30 by the time we are finished. We stop at the gas station for a soda. It's freakin' hot already and they are pressure washing the concrete so I ask for a spray off, they soak me good which feels great

10.50am and we're actually moving but we have some loser nav problems and miss the dirt turn off. Eventually we get onto the dirt. Leaving US191 behind:

Heading towards Gemini Bridges:

Heading towards Green River:

At about this time Brian pulls up and tells me that his bike is surging fairly badly, more on that later.

Anyhow I'm moving along at a good pace, feeling pretty good but I recall reminding myself to not get carried away. Ten minutes or so later there is a easy right hander with a small drainage bar on the exit, the front end deflects off it sending me to the outside of the turn. I'm standing on the pegs and recall thinking no problemo right as I hit a rock and get deflected again. Now I'm heading towards a deep rut off the edge of the road. I'm pretty sure I could have saved it but I must have target fixated (loser). I recall thinking man this is going to hurt bad as I come off the bike at about 25 mph. I'm amazed I didn't break a rib, instead I land on the soft underpart of my arm just above my armpit and lie there under the bike for 15 seconds or so hyperventilating before dragging my legs out from under the bike and getting up. At some point I figure I must have hit my head also. I get the bike upright just as Brian arrives (I think he took a picture of the bike). A few sips of water and we're moving again towards Green River. For future reference, both my mirrors are still intact

I can't recall if this pic is before or after the crash:

This one is definitely post crash as the road straightens out as we approach I70 ..... about this point I realize I must have a bit of whiplash from trying to head-butt the rocks as I've definitely pulled something in my neck:

Anyways, we get to I70 and ride the frontage road 10 miles into Green River. On the East side of town we stop at the Burger King for a quick lunch. I forget what time it is when we pull out after lunch, maybe a bit past 1pm.

We follow the GPS track and it seems to be indicating we should open this gate which is on the South end of the I70 entrance ramp:

The wash is a little soft and I fail to give it enough gas at one point coming to a rapid halt, back wheel almost totally submerged. Brian returns and I get fairly confused allowing him to operate the throttle while *I* lift the rear of the bike up. Instantly I'm transformed into my super-hero alter ego, AdobeMan. Fortunately one of AdobeMan's superhero skills is his ability to dive into the water before anyone can capture him on camera so this will have to surfice:

Oh, did I mention that it's unbelievably HOT? Anyways, further on the wash dries out a little so we keep going trying to follow the GPS track:

We're South of I70 at this point and we actually need to be on the North side but the wash (left side of this picture) is totally impassible so Brian hops up into the bank to scout out the underpass. He comes back saying that the underpass is full of boulders and we'd need to walk our bikes through:

Common sense prevails and we decide to backtrack:

We head back through the gate and back to the gas station, at this point Brian seems confused as to where the track is North of I70, I think it's actually following the road to the disused dump so we follow this road and we're back on track ...... for a while .... but now we're on the North side of some railroad tracks and we actually need to be on the South side of the tracks but North of I70. We wander around for a while but there doesn't seem to be an obvious place to cross anywhere near the GPS track:

So we're still North of the railroad tracks and North of I70. It's been over 90 minutes since lunch. Brian tries to ride over the railroad tracks but gets pretty well stuck so I make him back off. We start backtracking towards Green River and we see an underpass under the railroad tracks. Score. Problem is it's full of rocks. It's also close to 3pm.

I forget the exact order of what happened next but I end up riding off back to the main dirt road. At some point earlier I'd suggested that we might want to retreat to Green River and try again when it's cooler but Brian has an alternate plan of finding the start of Black Dragon and if we feel good, riding it and the heading back to Green River on I70. That was fine with me. Anyways, I'm at the dirt road waiting for Brian but he's not coming. I can see him doing something with the bike. About 10 minutes later he shows up and tells me that as he was about to follow, gas started pouring out of his carb so he removed the gas cap at which point boiling gas shot 2 feet into the air. #1 suspect is the shortie vent hose on his gas cap. I look at the black gas tank and it's huge. At this point we ditch the idea of trying to get to Black Dragon and agree we'll get a motel in Green River and Brian will find some hose to make a vent from the gas cap down to the skid plate.

We stop back at the Chevron where we run into this guy in an RV. He's very interested in our trip, we wish him a good journey and a couple minutes later he kindly comes back with a couple bottles of ice cold water. Some kid at the Chevron tells us that the Motel 6 is the price/luxury winner in Green River and foolishly we believe him. We head over and get a room. It's $3 extra for wifi which barely works and Brian vetos the first room as it smells too much of urine. Second room smells too much of whatever they used to clean up the urine but it's good enough. One plus of it being HOT at 4pm is that we can get all our laundry done. Brian heads out to the Napa for some hose before it closes.

We ride a few blocks in search of a pizza place that Yelp claims exists but it seems to have closed and been replaced by something neither of us find appetizing so we head back to the Tamarisk which is next door to the Motel 6 and fairly decent. We hit the sack early.

Plan is to be at the Green River coffee company for breakfast when it opens at 7am, yes, you read it, SEVEN am. If we get moving that early it'll be plain sailing ...... right

Oh one final picture. Day one of the owey, not too bad so far:

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