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Day 6 22 Jul 11

We are well into the trip now, I am sleeping better at night (might be the beer), and getting used to Kevin waking me up at sunrise so we can get on the road. The goal is to hit the trail as early as possible and make good time. Oatmeal and instant coffee, load up the bike, hit the start button and click click click………………… awwww crap.

Let’s look back to last night’s activities. I distinctly remember Kevin telling me “you are going to kill your battery charging all that stuff” to which I responded, “no way, you can’t kill a bike battery charging a couple cameras.” Well, it turns out you can kill a bike battery by charging two cameras, two phones, and a laptop. Honestly, I think the laptop is what put me over the edge.

So we discuss various methods of starting the bike. After several failed bump start attempts I ask Kevin to ride around and find a steep hill, I remember riding up a steep hill coming into the campground. He returns, I have my tow strap ready and he pulls me to the hill (which is not that steep) so I pop the clutch while he is towing me and we successfully start the bike. I hate being towed on a bike.

So much for an early start, as we killed close to an hour. However, now we have tow start experience, a skill which we will utilize again.

The worst part of the whole deal is I did not have film rolling during the tow start.

So on with the story.

The remaining bit of CO is beautiful. CO is a very pretty state, with nice dirt roads!

And Colorado needs a leash law. This gang jumped out in front of me and I herded them all the way to the bottom of the hill. Seriously, the farmer must ride a thumper, as when they saw me coming they rolled down hill like they knew what they were doing.

As soon as we cross into Wyoming the road goes to shit.

I had been warned by a friend of a big sink hole in Wyoming, not sure if this is that one or not, but it was worth stopping to take a pic of.

We get off 70 onto a dirt road that will take us north to Rawlins. It is marked closed for logging.

After a brief chat and look at the map we say piss on it and go on, we get to a barrier and ride around it. A bit farther north we come to the loggers who aren’t doing much. I talk to one of the guys and in some native dialect, or perhaps a unique language known only to loggers, I believe he tells me that their operation is only a going on for a couple hundred feet. No shit, I could hardly understand a word he said, but sure enough, just a bit up the path and we ride around the other barricade stopping south bound traffic, not that there is much traffic out here.

We head north on nice dirt towards Rawlins. We get into the planes and see lots of wildlife

In Rawlins we get fuel, take a quick break for a snack and top off the water supply.

These Wyoming folks have some pretty strict rules.

Without spitting my chew in the urinal we head north on 287, then leave the paved road and head off into the Great Divide Basin. This was a pretty cool area, we rode for a long time without seeing another person, almost as desolate as NM. It was windy and dry, and about four hours of this.

They got lots of juice out here for the oil fields, but this would be a better place for a wind farm.

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