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Originally Posted by tmex View Post
On some the fuel injection is in the "workable" category and on others it is a nightmare - jerky transition from idle to midrange, stalling, dying as you stop,... The bad ones seem to resist all attempts to fix either at home or at the dealer.

If the FI was fixable by remapping don't you think the dealers would be supplied with maps by KTM to make their customers happy? The OC crowd is literally in denial relative to FI issues.

I'll freely admit the F8 has issues. OC admits to nothing, and stomps anyone who says otherwise.
Hmm... No, KTM & dealers won't be re-mapping anyone's bikes... there are EPA issues (in the US) which trumps any of that nonsense. It is a federal offense to modify any of the intake or exhaust systems, and while we & the aftermarket that supply us ignore that every day, importers & dealerships can't. That said plenty of guys never touch their EFI & are quite happy with their mounts

The 990 FI mapping has been dealt with for over 5 years; now by buying a single cable and using the free software & maps you can set your bike up to run however you want, with lots of maps to match your mods & needs.

No "literal" denial at OC, we discuss & fix what we need to and ride... you don't have the corner on "freely admitting" nor do we stomp or flame Inmates who ask questions .

3 near-flaming posts in this thread against 990s seems you are doing the stomping

jeez, guys, let's ride
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