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Originally Posted by Ford_Prefect View Post
I have to ask...

Why premium gas? Is that required by the bike, won't it run on lower octane? I mean you are likely to have a very hard time finding that stuff in Central and South America.

Also very impressed that you managed to put up a tent in a public park! The cops in the USA would run you out faster than you could blink!



Originally Posted by crashmaster View Post
I would guess the rating for your Super Tenere would be RON as AKI 95, if it does exist is found only in a very few places.

For those not familiar with RON vs. AKI ratings, the US and Mexico use the same AKI (anti-knock index) octane rating. The other countries in the Americas use RON (research octane number)

RON 95 = AKI 91

RON 91 = AKI 87

Many places in the Americas you will only find RON 91/AKI 87 And, quite often, especially in Peru an Bolivia, generally in higher elevations, you will only find RON 84, which interestingly enough, is also leaded fuel.

IIRC, the BMW 1200GS has an anti-knock sensor which automatically retards the timing, nice feature. I'm surprised the F800 doesnt have this as well.

Like I mentioned before, The KTM 950/990 has 2 different ignition maps to select from, one for RON 95/AKI 91 and one for gasoline simply described as "less than 95/91." Seemed to work well enough in my travels most of the time.
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