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Originally Posted by tmex View Post
No flaming intended. Just responding to OP. You are correct, many 990's seem to run just fine. Others defy any remedy to cure the FI (or apparent FI) issues. My best friend worked on his with all the maps and diagnostics available on this site at the time to no avail as well as changing out all the sensors etc. He even swapped ECU's with owners of bikes that ran just fine, and it made no difference. He took the bike to Scuderia West (well-known dealer in SF) and told them he did not want the bike back until it was running "acceptably". While Scuderia readily acknowledged that the bike was running very poorly, they were unable to correct it all. KTM simply does not provide dealers with diagnostic tools with the requisite level of detail. Scuderia finally gave it back to him in the same state it arrived, and he converted to carbs. The bike runs great now. Of the 6 990's I have sampled, 3 were great, 2 were horrible, and one was marginal with respect to the apparent FI performance. I honestly do not know what the issue is. Since some bikes run so well, I am inclined to believe it is the accumulation of tolerances somewhere in the system, and may not have anything to do with the FI at all.
Nah - KTM dealers anymore have the tools and training to tune LC8's. Seriously, the 2010 LC8's are sweet running motors. Like I said, I rode a SM-T for 100 miles. I was so nice I couldn't believe it was made by the same company as my 950.

I read about the throttle snatch of the early 990's, but the 2010 I rode was probably the nicest running twin I've ever ridden. Very friendly power delivery and no vibes at all. Very quiet with no rattling from its whirly bits.

How about that parallel twin? My son say's he wouldn't own a para twin, but I have to think that BMW got theirs right. Mid 80 HP seems a nice benchmark for long distance riding. Is it smooth? Where does the torque come on. 3000rpm like a Ducati or 4000rpm like an LC8?

Thanks again for your opinions.
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