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Simons Town to Cape Town to Langebaan

Got up and nearly thought about staying, ive certainly enjoyed relaxing and the riding around Simons Town it certainly is a nice part of the world and a really nice way to finish off the garden route but in the end decided it was time to go so up and packed up the bike. The weather is a little shitty today but will be ok, the speed at which weather fronts come and go in this neck of the woods it will be clear in a few hours. I tried to download some music for Roz off the portable hard drive I bought the other day and uh oh whats that friggin smoke coming from it. Ripped the power out of it straight away, just great, had spent a few hours downloading everything off my computer yesterday like 180 gigs of music movies and all my photos videos etc from Thailand, New Zealand, Tasmania South Africa and home, im hoping ill be able to retreive it somehow later but it really sucks, I said to Roz oh well if I've lost all those photos I'll just have to travel back to those places and take them again.

Said my goodbyes to Ilsa and Roz was really nice to meet and spend some time with them I just loved the pad I stayed in, the only problem with it was with such a magnificent view from bed it was hard to get out of it. We got a few photos before I left and off I went. Stopped up the road to have a quick chat to Spy and say cya later he was still happy about the few bucks I slipped and said his wife was happy too. Sort of wish I hasd given him more. Got talking about his home back in Malawi and his uncle represented Malawi at soccer and where he got his name so was nice to talk about Malawian soccer. Said cya later to Spy and hit the road.

Went left to ride back along the coast but 5 minutes down the road I thought I better go back to Fish Hoek and talk to the boys that sold me the hard drive and see what we can do at least its marked down as stuffed now if I track down the manufacturer. they wanted to hold onto it but the likely hood of seeing all my pictures again was zero if I did so held onto it I'll take it to a shop somewhere along the line and see what I can do. Rode back and cut across the mountain range then turned where I was supposed to yesterday. By this time it was raining pretty steadily the road was fairly slippery so just using more back brake, not that it mattered I was going at a snails pace along the cliff face but thats ok the view even in the wet is absolutely amazing.

Stopped at one spot and there was a few other guys stopped had a chat to, Andrea riding a Bmw gs 1200 the other guy I think was riding a harley they dont talk to us Bmw guys. They had ridden down from Johannasburg via Springbok so pretty much a ride around the country. They were off to Hermanus so told them about the Windsor Hotel that its reasonably priced and in a excellent location. Got back on the road and got into Cape Town and found the Canon shop without the Gps so getting to know my way around altrady. While I was at a set of lights I heard a honk of a horn behind me to turn around and theres the guy from the yacht club that own the gs 800 and had given me the tips on the suspension and footpegs. He was in his van so we had a shouting conversation was nice to bump into someone I knew un the main drag of Cape Town. Picked up some more printer paper and ink catridges so that was worth dropping in for, I've got about a 180 pictures I can take and give to the kids and families I meet now with my portable printer. That should see me through for awhile.

Jumped back on the bike and started riding back out to Plettenkloof to stay at Susan's again but took a wrong turm so just kept going. The good news is you can see the ridge line she lives on from anywhere so just kept heading in that direction was getting closer to the turn off and then I saw the sign to Cape Namibia, last time I saw that sign I thought if I was kitted up id be out of here so this time as I was kitted up i did and just kept riding past the Plettenkloof turn off and im on my way to Namibia. Rode for an hour or two and ended up in Langebaan. Cruised into town and straight down to the waterfronnt as usual when ive been pulling up into the coastal towns. All the shops were closed, turns out theres been a blackout all day so everyone has gone home.

Cruised back to where I had seen a pretty nice b&b and ok im in for the night, to easy. A little bit exy but this looks like a tourist town so i guess they can get away with it. In saying that it's still fairly reasonable. Unpacked the bike then went for another ride through town, as I was cruising along noticed the chick in front had a flat tyre so followed her into the shops to let her know and see if I can help, you know`the karma credit rule, im sure there will be somewhere along the line I need a hand with my bike. Grabbed the spare out then a few of the local boys came over to help as well so basically in the end I chatted to her while they did it then just checked it put the flat away and then said goodbye. She had actually just been in Thailand where her girlfriend had a stroke which was no good, she is home now she said the hospitals were great over there and full of Aussies having plastic surgery, I cracked a joke saying while I was there I went to the hospital for a sore finger and came out with three tits so got to love that.

Anyway back in my room at the lodge im not sure about this area, seems ok but something tells me to get out of here tomorrow and they do say follow your gut instincts the funny thing is im sure its fine here and even the guys helping changing the tyre this afternoon were really nice, the last place I had this feeling was East London. Plus the fact there really does seem to be f&*k all around here unless you want to hot the Mykonos casino in the next suburb or the beach in the wind. oh there does look like there is two really nice golf courses here though, you know why they call golf golf don't you, it was because f&*k and shit were already taken.

As much as I like playing golf I dont think ive ever walked off a golf course and not been pissed about a putt I should of got or that one shot i duffed even when I hit my best score of 77 theres always that one or two shots that could of made it better.

A shot of my baby enjoying the Cape of Good hope scenery on the way out od Simons Town.

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