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Originally Posted by suecanada View Post
Hi Cheryl and Leslie! back after a month in Cape Breton and New England. Took step dancing and piano accompaniment at the Gaelic College in St. Anns, Cape Breton. Rode the '09 Bonneville down and back. Couldn't get your blog there as on dial-up but just want to say that I have enjoyed your ride so much that it has been a highlight to my summer!!!
Love to ride in BC on my new-to-me DR200SE and I know you guys could point me in the right direction for some great dirt roads!
What more can be have produced the very best RR I have ever had the pleasure to read!! What's next?? Labrador and Newfoundland???

All the best,
Sue from Georgian Bay, ON.
welcome back Sue! Hope you had a great time in New were hanging out in one of my most favorites parts of the country. We really want to ride those areas in the east sometime early fall one year. I lived in NH for a few summers while in University and just loved it.

Thanks for your thank you. DR200SE? Nice!!!!!!!! Anytime you are out our way you will have a nice comfy home to layover while you explore our Province. In the lower mainland there are tons of interesting and fun roads. Thanks again for you nice compliments on our RR....seems so long ago but I have to admit I find myself reading over the RR and BLOG quite a bit because I never did while on the road. I think I am only up to day 29... Leslie
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