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Got the 705's all mounted up today. Got both tires and two tubes from motorcycle superstore for under $150, a few different wheel weights (clamp on style) for $9, and a wheel balancer from harbor freight for $50. The rear tube I purchased had what looked like a staple hole next to the valve stem, so I had to re use my old tube. No big deal, but I better get another tube from motorcycle superstore or I'll be a little irritated.

From getting the bike on the lift to taking it off the lift with everything back on, it took me two hours per tire to swap them out. (I had to change them separately due to front and rear tires shipping differently.) This being my first time changing tires on a motorcycle. All I had were two tire irons, a big c clamp, and a full bottle of windex. (Now only half a bottle of windex) I had several issues trying to get the bead(s) seated on the front tire, but I finally got it to seat properly. The rest of the time it was just trying to get the tires on and off the wheel. The answer is a lot of windex, tiny bites with the tire irons, quite a few expletives, and body weight. (The last of which I don't have a lot of)

It was a pain in my to swap these things out, definitely not something I want to do all the time without some kind of tire machine and the proper tools.

Regardless, Both tires are mounted and balanced. Took it for a test ride and all seems well. I'll have to do some more riding to get a better feel for the tires, but now the bike is more stable at high speeds, and doesn't roar down the road. (I think I might miss the roar every now and then)
I think these tires should work just fine. I sure hope I become impressed with them offroad, but I won't get my hopes up just yet.
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