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Originally Posted by nathanthepostman View Post

(to add, I've just read about the oil change and you using Castrol GTX. I use the same but keep getting told not to, and that I should use a proper motorcycle oil, due to the wet clutch, or whatever it is, on our semi auto bikes. Motul is apparently the way forward. And the dreaded spoke twang. I had some problems with mine, and they were heavy duty ones, so it probably would be sensible to have the wheels (at least the rears) relaced with sturdier stuff before hitting south africa, but I know if someone said that to me I'd say get stuffed so maybe a handful of spares would be, er, handy. Other than that I love the bike choice. I've just bought Dot a 125cc Lifan engine so I'm all up for the Chai/Thai concoctions. And perhaps shouldn't say it, but don't get too devoted to this place. Let your adventure come first, and let the telling of it come second. Ride safe you mad crazy American bastards. Dot and Nate)

One more time Michael.
Thanks for the good wishes and advice. Your ride report helped me convince my wife to go along with this crazy idea, so thanks for that, too. No chance on relacing the wheels before Africa since the bikes are already in the crate. I do have a few extra spare spokes, so fingers crossed. I hope Dot enjoys her new heart, 125ccs sounds like a nice upgrade. I think our bikes with 150ccs would be about perfect.
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