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Day Ride from the Northen coast of Java to the Southen coast

I currently live in Semarang the capital city in central java right by the coast in Marina Beach. This short report is about my ride to the southen coast of Java on Parangtritis beach. It started in the afternoon and ended in sunrise. It took about a total of 4 hours going the long way down because the usual route would take only 3 hours. The route taken is marina beach - semarang - ungaran - salatiga - boyolali - klaten - jogja - Parangtritis beach

In semarang it is very hot, especially on the beach. Semarang is a port city and many activities of docking cargo from large ships and industries.

After one hours ride from the beach we reach Ungaran is it a industrial area and there are many factories around here. It is bad to ride arount here because full of trucks and containers even busses and motorbikes all together and very congested.

Ariving in salatiga has better views of central java rice paddies, mountains dan trees.

In Boyolali city is quite the same until klaten. Klaten is a low lying area and pretty flat it is just south of mount merapi.

I stop and have a rest after 3 gours of riding at a mosque that was damaged in the 200/ earthquake that hit central java dan killied about 6000 people.

After a rest driect headed to the beach and it was getting dark I hope that we can see the sunset at the beach

That's for now.

Statistiks 6 liters of fuel and 5 hours of riding

Up load the picture asap1
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