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As a long term LC8 owner, I think you are just a rank sucker... Your bike never overheated and you didn't need any of those mods. But the biggest signal to your noobness to the sport is that you think you need tubeless wheels. We pay extra for those spokes and tubes! You have never been anywhere remote with a flat in your life. There is a very good reason for using tubes if you are out of reach. You should learn how to spoon rubber like all the rest of us did. The inner tube is your friend. It's not too late to make amends, though:

Neduro has a step-by-step lesson here on how to spoon with no fuss and 100% success not pinching. It's not challenging and even easy with practice. Try it!

Regarding the word 'love', it only applies to Eyetalian motorcycles. Those bastards on Austria sorely lack in the romance part of the sport...

Although I might be a little bit warmed by that road racer they make. DANG!
Awesome and correct on all points!
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