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Originally Posted by DesertSurfer View Post

Well, that's exactly what I was askin' for. I'm also 5'9, but 195. I am inclined for more length seat to pegs too, so I prolly keep the seat taller. In fact, the one gripe I really have with the KTM Adventure, is it is remarkably short between pegs and seat. The KTM SM-T was very comfy, but that bike doesn't really need ground clearance.

Anyways, I am looking forward to testing this little BMW. I hope it has decent weather protection too. It looks like it should. My guess is this will be the last touring motorcycle I buy, so I want it to be right for me.

Thanks for your thoughts and thanks for your posts on the little yammer too.
Pantah, the stock ergos felt a little strange to me, but were easy to fix. I needed to open up the riding position a bit. I raised the bars about 25mm using the standard Scott's Steering Damper mount....which also brought them rearward a bit, due to the angle (which was something I needed). And, I also lowered my pegs and moved them forward somewhat (Touratech adjustable footpegs). Then, I had Renazco modify my seat to a taller, flat surface with suede leather.

This combination totally transformed the ergo comforts for me. During my test ride, I felt more like sitting in a road racer position on the stock setup.....seated low, legs curled with feet back, and leaning forward into the bars (to reach them). It made it a pure blast during my test in the tight twisties of central Missouri. But, it obviously was not a long-ride comfort setup for me, and that's why I made all the ergo changes.

Regarding "weather protection" as you have inquired, I'm still exposed to the elements in sun, rain, and snow. I haven't found the soft top to deploy yet. But, if you meant wind protection, its pretty good. The design of the plastic side panels up front really push the air out around your knees. I don't have any wind fatigue against my legs....which is a huge endurance factor. BMW just nailed this design better than anything I've ridden in the dualsport range.

The stock fairing was very effective, but not tall enough. The wind was hitting me squarely in the face after raising my seat. So, I had to change that. After much research, wringing of the hands, and a few fitfull nights of sleep, I followed Docking Pilots great advise: drank a 6 pack....waited 30 minutes.....and pushed the Buy button at TT for the outrageously expensive Deiserto 3 adjustable (darth vader hood) fairing.

Think what you may.......but HOLY SMOKES that thing works unbelieeeeeevably fantastic for me! First time I've ever been totally satisfied with a fairing on anything.....except my Goldwing. I've decided the amortized cost of it over the life of my ownership will essentially be small. At least I keep telling myself that. With this modification, I have the best wind protection I've ever enjoyed without have a giant shield in my way.

Told you I've spent a LOT of money bringing it up to my personal specs. But I did, because this one is a "keeper" for me.

Now then, where's that Husaberg 570 I want....

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