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Originally Posted by drdata
Lets hope you are right, RC...

It started to seem like these FDs were made of glass. To the extent I fear a wheelie now and then. Pretty sure there have been r12 FD failures, but who knows, could be some assembly/contamination issues, or there might be aDr-FD out there drumming up a fever. Here are some links:

A "dutchman incident", whom most hold in high regard:
If you read those posts and look at the dates you will see they were all 2004 pre production bikes. The failures were caused by a faulty O-ring that was used in the first bikes off the assembly lines for the European market. It was later recalled and repaired. I'm not saying that the new drive is failure free there is no such thing. I'm confident that the failure rate will be drastically reduced with the new design. The proof is already there. All shaft bikes have had failures, I know a guy who is on his 3rd shaft on a FJR. I have heard of many Gold Wing failures. It’s just the nature of the beast. There is no such thing as a perfect motorcycle shaft drive.

I'm sure I guy like Alex will jump on the FD failure band wagon as soon as he realizes that the servo brakes failures that he is hoping on the for are just not happening in any statistically significant numbers and that 99.9% of us love the brakes.
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We pay Motorrad to design weight off the bike then pay TouraTech to bolt it right back on.
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