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This all started with a For Sale ad in the Regional Flea Market section right here on ADV when this R80G/S-PD was offered up in Revelstoke, BC.

Well, actually it started before that. It started back in April when my wife and I decided she needed to visit her folks in Winnipeg and sister in Vancouver so they could all spend a little time together with our young son.

Naturally, with two weeks on my hands sans wife and child, we both thought a motorcycle trip might be a fine way for me to fill my time without supervision. So I began planning a riding and camping trip into some of the more remote regions of Northern Ontario... and that's when I saw the ad for this bike and it made me go "Hmmmmnnnn.... If I flew out there I could see a whole lot of Canada in half the time it'd take if I had to ride both ways. Hmmmmmnnn?" Sort of the appeal of *Vermin's one-way tripping, but with a twist.

*What? You don't know who Vermin is?!?
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