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Java and Bali roadtrip on a klx150s

This is the first long distance journey from a semarang central java to bali. Then head back to central java and back home to parents house in Yogyakarta. Then continue heading to west java to near capital city in jakarta called serpong. Then head to the western coast of java to a beach called anyer. And finally went back to serpong.

This journey started in semarang I left at 11 am in the morning and headed to yogyakarta. I passed many small cities such as ambarawa temanggung which is situated on mountains and active volvanos then head to magelang a city boardering yogyakartaM there is the famous borobudur temple in magelang but I did not drop by may be some time I will.

Arrived at jogja after 3 hour ride my ass getting hot.

In jogja I met up with my brother. He will accompany the journey to bali. After having a small lunch and about an hours rest ready to go.

The next stop in ngawi which is the about a 3 hour ride from jogja. It is also the boarders of central java and east java. The road is flat and is a low lying area not like ambarawa and temanggung which is very hilly and dangerous ups and downs and turns.

The sun set and time to rest and freshen up because the journey is still long. After a hours rest we head to batu which is cooled city on a mountain slope. To get ther you need to pass nganjuk kediri pare then batu. From pare to batu is a very hard journey very little lights, dark the roads is hilly and wrong move you fall to the edge of the cliff or you fall to a river. Pare to batu is also a landslide prone area.

We arrive at a batu just before midnight rite on the peak before the decent. I remeber it being very cold and very hungry because we have not had dinner. It is so cold that I could not even text a message on my phone.

We arrive in the small town of batu just close by the valley and all restaurants already closed so we sleep on an empty stomach.

We stayed a friends place who is currently working in batu as a banker. Oke good friends I will write more about the next day then add some photos

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