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kinda lost so stop by police station to ask direction

There was no longer any green sign board to show directions so we followed the bus that says malang to lumajang. Unfortunately the emission from the buss if fulled with black smoke so we passed by the bus. After about. 1 hour ride from malang me met an intersection with so sign post there is a path to the left and a path to the right. In the middle is the police station.

The best thing to do now is just ask the police. I waited by the side of the road and my bother ask for direction to the police. Then he went back I think I need to go to the toilet to shit. This may take some time. Just do your business. It was about 15 minutes waited and yet no response may be something he ate for breakfast.

The police said don't wait outside just wait here with me in the station. Oke so I sat with the police. He tells a story how you he likes to ride motor and usually ride in the week end. He also said becarefull the road ahead is dangerous and hilly.

The also said that it would be a 1 hour ride to lumajang and another to jember and then then final strech of road to bali will take about 3 hours including the cross by ferry.

After about 30 min my brother we out of the toilet and ready to go.

Said by to the police and took his picture as well.
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