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¿Did anyone try the 200F temp sensor without install the right fan?
¿This 200F water temp sensor is the same found in the auto-stores, I used to have a LS1 wit a 160F thermostat for better performance.

The 990 Open thermostat
The thermostat opens at 75° C. or 167°F
The fan switches on at 102° C. or 215.6°F
KTM source.

I will like to test a 160°F temp sensor but could make any harm and were to find this one maybe a auto-stores have a similar one.
I believe that running lower engine temperatures than the OEM 75C may not have the intended effect, at least not the same that would result from 160F in a LS1 (Corvette engine, stock ECU and no chip?).... With the LS1, which probably came with a 180 or 195F thermostat, installing a 160F thermostat will effectively trick the ECU into thinking that its still in cold startup mode and therefore will deliver more fuel than it would if it was at "full temp 195".

The thermo switch, that turns on the fans, in the KTM's case, will allow the radiator to get to ~215F before turning on.... so... ~15 degrees sooner is good enough in my opinion. The cycle times get really quick with the Rally Fan kitted bikes and it will only get more rapid if running a lower temp thermo switch. I do not believe that increasing the cycle frequency by lowering the on/off temps below 200F will result in better cooling efficiency or effective heat transfer, nor do I believe that a lower engine temperature will result in much either. Again, this my opinion, not based in testing and fact finding.
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