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tired smelly hungry and finally in bali

Since 8 in the morning to 8pm in the night it has been 12 hours of riding eating shitting resting and now made it into bali crossing on a ferry. Ferry belly is already filled with cars busses trucks utlitiy vehicles and yes motorbikes. Feeling a sense of accomplishment knowing that minutes away we will arrive in bali.

Waiting at the upper deck the stereo is on full sound will dangdut music. In the background with a large tv for kareoke. This upper dek is more like a disco in the 70s than a ferry for cross. The muscis is loud the sound of the engine is also loud and the wind is big. You can,t rest in just typw of situation so you just enjoy the situation.

Closer and closer we see lights on the harbour in bali. People start to head down to the lower deck to prepare the vehicles. We just stay at the top for to rest. Because tomorrow will be a long day going around bali. Also the fumes in the lower is killing when everyone starts the engines but all still trapped in the belly of the ferry.

As the belly opens and secure one by one the motorbike goes out. We soon follow the first stop is a police post to check your vehicles registration documents and vehicle police numbers. They also ask a question of what is your purpose in bali and where are you heading.

Then there is another post by to check your personal I'd card. Name adress or anything. The faliure to provide those to documents you will be sent back to java.

Welcome to the port of gilimanuk. The last time I was here was still a student in university 5 year ago on a study tour using ab bus. Now on a road trip using a motor bike my klx 150s.

The police said to go to denpasar itu would take about 2-3 hours from the port.

Since me and my brother is tired we choose a cheep hotel called hotel lestari only 5 km from the port. It only cost 110 000 per night. Just standar bed fan and toilet. No fuss. Its already 9pm and need some rest for the journey tomorrow.

We rested for a while, take a bath to freshen up and need to find some thing to eat.

10pm we find a A small warung jawa muslim restaurant was near the hotel. Had dinner rice and eggs with hot ginger tea to warm up the body then back to the hotel and fall asleep.

Let's what is still for tommorrow.
Bali bring it on.
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