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As a side note.... running HIGHER internal engine temperatures CAN lead to HIGHER EFFICIENCY, the problem is managing the coolant because water (as I am sure we all know) boils at 212F @ sea level pressures..... We manage some of this problem by raising the system pressure to 10-14 PSI. We also add "anti-freeze" components too, which can also raise the boil point of the coolant mixture.....

The really big "However" is that not all the of the cooling system is nice about staying below this magical boil point, which leads to micro boil points usually in the head and/or near the exhaust port/valve...... soooooo.... drop the overall temperature holds this problem at bay, HOWEVER () it then also drops the overall efficiency of the engine because we are now pulling more heat (the result of combustion and friction) from the engine rather than converting it into linear/rotational motion we dump it into the air through the cooling system.

Ultimately its a balancing act of compromises based upon the limits of the components and systems deployed as a whole.

In the case of the LC8-990/950 engine, it is easier to maintain the regulated engine temperatures (controlled by a thermo-valve commonly referred to as a thermostat) and then increase the heat transfer rate of the exchanger (radiator) by moving more heat transfer medium (air) though the exchanger. Since the exchanger (radiator) is slightly on the small side, in some cases it does not have enough head room/reserve transfer rate or thermo mass to manage the potential heat generated by the engine when the transfer medium (air) is beyond 80F with the OEM fan configuration.....

The solution that I have come upon is to increase the forced air flow, and if necessary, do so sooner to get ahead of any running away....

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