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sunset at uluwatu

6km south we arrived at uluwatu and reach the eadge of bali. Only 45 minute ride from the beach. The enternace fee is 3000 but you don't wear clothes that cover the body you must pay 10 000 for a sarong. Many monkeys big mongkeys skinny monkeys and baby monkeys.

The monkeys here are funny there are the ones that jump on people steal food jewelrey and books and even eat rubber sandles. I heard a young indian tourist said to its mom. Mamy why to monkeys eat rubber sandles?
The mother laugh and so did I over hearing the question from the child.

Another stole jewelry and the local balines guide had to barter the jewelry for peanuts but the monley still wanteded the jewelry and the peanust is just a failed negotiations between human and mongkeys.

Besides that the view is magnicient. This ends up my journey in bali with a beautiful sunset at uluwatu.

this ends my journey to bali which only spend two days to do a clockwise tour around bali. The only way back is west.

They way back is tiresome and dark. Better to travel by daylight because you can sea the view at night it is all dark. At 6pm we start to go to back to denpasar which took about 2 hours then to gilimanuk which took another 2 hours. By time we knew it it was already 11 pm.

We check in again at the hotel lestari take a bath and then went to bed.
In the morning very early in the mornet get the first ferry back to the java island. That's the plan.

Good night
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