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Got up at reasonable hour around 9 and started packing the bike getting ready to leave. Had a nice chat to the couple running the lodge and then hit the road was surprised that it was after 11 by now but no drama i'll just head north and see where I end up. I wasnt looking to cross the Namibian border today it was still 600 odd ks away. I ended up riding for awhile then needed some petrol so put it in the Gps and it took me off the highway into a small village saying there was fuel in there. I pulled in only to find there was no fuel, so a good learning curve actually not to totally rely on the fuel stops on the gps. Fortunatly I had the 10 litres on the side of the bike I still hadnt used so filled up by myself bought something to eat and hit the road again.

Rode right up the west coast till the highway cut back in land towards the N7 the main highway. The road up the coast was pretty uneventful not much happening there. Once i got back on the N7 the countryside started to become a little more sparse, something im sure will be nothing like Namibia but for South Africa it was starting to become the long rolling hills the colorful flowers in their purple pinks yellows oranges the colours I must admit were pretty spectacular and they say I have jsut missed the true flowering period by a few weeks. Oh well you seen one flower you seen them all.

Stopped at a servo somewhere in the middle of nowhere and had my 7000th Wimpy burger in South Africa, got to love the local cuisine they always say to eat where the locals eat and theres always shitloads of people in Wimpys. Im going to miss you Wimpy. Had a nice chat to a local couple from Porterville for awhile then said my goodbyes and got organised to get going. Hit the road and cruised along the countryside certainly started to change from here the population thins right out and you only have small pockets of villages every 30 to 40 k's great for riding and getting stuck into it. Was flying along at up to 180 ks at one stage racking up the k's. Got some video flying along lieing down under the front screen videoing while hooting along was a bit of fun. Might be a bit dnagerous but will certainly make for some cool footage if I come off at that speed, i can see it now me shouting out goooooooodbye as I fly over the handle bars at 180 kmh, I can use it as the ending if I (or someone ) makes some sort of movie up later.

Came across a bloke broken down in a late model Mercedes he had just bought in Cape Topwn, thought id earn some karma credits and see if I could help. Was the oil light had come on and stayed on so we checked the oil and there was heaps of that so with those sorts of things they wack them on a cumputer and it tells them where the fault lies but there wasnt any oil leaking anywhere so I guess its either carry on or ring for a tow truck. He did pass me when I was doin g 140 k's and left me in his dust so he was giving it a little bit, maybe that had something to do with it. He was from Windhoek and had to be back tomorrow to orgasnise a conference good luck on that one buddy I thought as I got back on my bike to leave him to make a decison on what he should do. Using heaps of extra fuel doing those sorts of speed so the fuel consumption was pretty ordinary so had to use my own jerry can again was a good investment already .

Arrived in Springbok a small town 115 k's from the South Africa Namibian border and cheched out the b&b and unsurprisingly first one full, second to expensive, third just right and im in. Checked in and met two couples who were up here on a holiday from Wilderness down Jefrreys Bay, Port Elizabeth way. Had a nice chat to them and then relaxed for awhile. Went back down to town and grabbed some dinner then came back and joined the crew while they had a braai or Bbq, had a nice chat for a few hours then went in watched a bit of the Champions league soccer, then crashed. all in all a really nice day the riding although alot of straight roads was excellent and the scenary is pretty nice to.

Just some of the flowers everywhere

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