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Originally Posted by TommyHolly View Post

I saw you are working on stuff for the R1200GS... Anything to increase fuel mileage? Especially without substituting power... I could care less about the emissions though.

How about increasing power without substituting mileage? (Mileage is the primary concern for me.)
I understand that, TH. A lot of people have their attention on mileage. JJ said this the other day. I don't think I can say it any better.

Originally Posted by johnjen View Post

By itself nothing. But some tend to enjoy their right wrist a bit more, and this will change the mpg.
That quote, and what he said a couple of posts ago pretty much cover it. These devices work when you accelerate. You know, when you advance the throttle from a steady speed cruise, or pull away from an intersection.

During those times, the IICE Air products cause the ECU to inject a little more fuel for the same throttle setting. The rest of the time, like JJ says, they do nothing.

Note: Those statements about how the IICE products work put it almost too simply, while still being true. The simple and overwhelming truth is, the rider really does make his own MPG.

Originally Posted by johnjen View Post

Our design goals are to correct fuel mapping 'errors' not focus on fuel mileage. If fuel mileage is your primary concern then by not accelerating hard (careful and smooth and slow changes to the throttle) will have a larger effect on mileage than any other single factor.

If you want to create more power the ONLY way to do so is by using MORE fuel. You can't get something for nothing.
Those are fundamental truths, Tommy. To say otherwise would be to say, "The more ice cream you eat, the more weight you'll lose."

On a bone stock 1150, I can get 50mpg, or 28mpg. There are a lot of ways to get low mileage. For example, the difference between riding at 60, verses riding at 85, is about 12mpg. If you wick it up to 100+ you can watch the gas gauge.


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