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Update on the rear tire

Today, I happened to be walking past my rig with calipers in my hand, so I stopped to measure the tread. Up above on Post 154, I said "The Vredestein Snow+ pusher has no noticeable wear" after 7000 miles. This was incorrect. Well, no, it WAS correct since I used the word "noticeable." By that, I mean that you don't "notice" the tread wear.

The Vredestein Snow Plus has 9mm of tread depth when new. Bearing in mind that it's a snow tire with soft rubber tread compounds and not intended to be a high mileage tire.

Anyway, after 7000 miles, it now has 6mm. The tread depth is pretty much the same from one side to the other, so the tire is wearing nice and even with 30 lbs of pressure. Not sure when I will replace the tire, but if I replace it with 3mm of tread, then it's a 15,000 mile tire. If I let it get down to under 1mm, then that's a 20,000 mile tire.

Before I bought the Vredesteins, I know I googled and googled for hours looking for tires. But today, I googled and got a hit for a BF Goodrich All-Season radial in my size (155-80/15) that looks like it would go great on the rig. (click). Is this a new tire? How come I didn't see it last year?

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