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our tires are 165/80 R 15
when i look at what other sizes are available, i get this:

Serv. Desc.
215/60R14 91S $88.00 (ea.)
215/70R14 96S $90.00 (ea.)
225/60R14 94S $100.00 (ea.)
225/70R14 98S $96.00 (ea.)
235/60R14 96S $100.00 (ea.)
245/60R14 98S $111.00 (ea.)
155/80R15 83S $80.00 (ea.)
195/60R15 87S $82.00 (ea.)
205/60R15 90S $79.00 (ea.)
PriceSizeServ. Desc.
215/60R15 93S $79.00 (ea.)
215/65R15 95S $93.00 (ea.)
215/70R15 97S $85.00 (ea.)
225/60R15 95S $98.00 (ea.)
225/70R15 100S $102.00 (ea.)
235/60R15 98S $108.00 (ea.)
235/60R15 98S $103.00 (ea.)
235/70R15 102S $108.00 (ea.)
235/70R15 102S $108.00 (ea.)
PriceSizeServ. Desc.
245/60R15 100S $112.00 (ea.)
255/60R15 102S $115.00 (ea.)
255/70R15 108S $111.00 (ea.)
255/70R15 108S $114.00 (ea.)
275/60R15 107S $118.00 (ea.)
275/60R15 107S $123.00 (ea.)
295/50R15 105S $158.00 (ea.)
285/60R16 111T $178.00 (ea.)
295/50R16 107S $184.00 (ea.)

skipping from 155... to 195
WHY would they make nothing between?
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