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If you think every time you're riding your racing. Get the 950. If you just want to tool around like an old fart, get the bmw.

Sure the motor is grumpy when cold if you got carbs, and has some fueling issues right off idle if you got FI. So don't ride it there stop driving it like grandma and twist that bitch open and let it sing.

Bike feels heavy, go faster they don't feel so heavy then. And honestly if anyone thinks it feels that heavy they're probably trying to muscle the bike around instead of ride the bike, it carries the weight low once you get it going you don't know you aren't on a dirt bike. I think it feels like a DRZ, of course the drz is a heavy as mofo.

I'm always trying to find things to jump and wheelie over on the 950.

You think the bikes to heavy to pick up after you crash, goto the gym.

if you previously owned a KLR and thought it was awesome, buy the bmw.

If you think the stock screen sucks ass then stand up, nice clean air up there, why are you sitting down anyhow? Are you going slow again?

If those statements offend you, buy the BMW and make sure you get some high-viz to go with it. :)
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