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One original, the other a copy?

Originally Posted by itsatdm View Post
They are more similiar than you think if you got your head out of the Koolaid bowl and looked at the spec sheet.
I'd give more credit to a bike that came out 5 plus years earlier, with features considered ahead of it's time... regardless of branding and badging... then a come lately derivative ( as you state: similar frame, similar specs).

Imagine one of the largest bike manufacturers in the world, having a product released 5 plus years later and being compared ( by it's own brand loyalist) to a much older product in the same category from one of the smallest of manufacturers... as similar. You don't say anything about it having the latest technology, being more powerful, having better suspension or being far more innovative.

I would expect more out of BMW because of the resources they have available, the network they've developed and the sales they generate from their loyalists. Who would have thought a little tiny company in rural Mattenhoffen would have out designed them in a category they helped define?

I'm not a KTM enthusiast as much as I am a motorcycle enthusiast. I own a variety of bikes... ones which have withstood the sands of time.

I do however, always side with the underdog. And in this David and Goliath scenario, David won out this time.

If you compare someone who bought a first year KTM 950 to a first year BMW f800, you got more for your money with the KTM 950... plain and simple ( By the way, I paid $12,500 for my 950 S new in '04).

That's not to say either bike is for everybody. But the 950 set the bar extremely high out of the gate. BMW needed to step it up... lighter, plusher, stronger... period.

I'm sure they will, but tomorrow is kinda late for the loyalists who've already bet the cow on it.

Not sure how you can continue to argue this, but o.k., knock yourself out.

I'm not saying the f800 is not a platform worthy of building on, just saying it is NOT superior to the KTM 990... period.
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