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Originally Posted by HighFive View Post you've just gone too far crofrog, and made a fool of yourself.

Do your homework first. I doubt that you have any better throttle control than I do, unless you also have spent the past 25 years in Observed Trials competition at the National Championship level.

On this particular issue, I do know my subject. And remember, this is a "comparative" thread between two specific bikes, not just some obscure general discussion. Comparatively, the 950/990 is definitely more difficult to control the rear wheel on dirt than the F800. That is one of the reasons that makes the F800 surprisingly nice in the dirt. Most riders do not have such superior throttle hand control as you claim to have. But, this does not mean the 950 is bad out there.

So, you lose this point on the basis of such a ridiculous comparison. It would appear that you probably have not ridden an F800 either. Or, at least not more than around the block.

Don't mind him. He's inexperienced and doesn't know what he speaks. His reference to 'racing' and 'old farts' told us that much.
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