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Cool2 Shrowds

Originally Posted by Yascher View Post
the next best thing on the list after second fan and new switch is a deflector for second fan, like on the original one on the left!!!
many Inmates have found their bikes run cooler by removing the plastic directing shrowd- I myself left it in place but turned the rubber flaps so they pivot from the inside, so the hot exhausted air goes away from the center of the bike and out the left tank opening

I think having more plastic in such a tight place hurts cooling, back in the age of the Dinosaurs we had a heck of a time getting 900 Ninjas to cool themselves down and removing Kawasaki's plastic bits helped a lot- I'd have to dig it up but Motorcyclist did an article with each mod being measured for temperature drop, showing (as I recall) about 15f temp drop from removing the fan shrowd.

If someone had the time that Bob of Thermobob fame (see here) has they could record the temp drop of the different LC8 mods.

YMMV of course.
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