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Originally Posted by Dan Alexander View Post
Oh, I'm an addict, there's no doubt

Just not super rich so it keeps me in check

Nice looking suits BTW, maybe the Latitude or Badlands will get a run for my $$

$699 for the Carese, wonder how much for the other two??
Dan, I believe we've had dealings before in the flea market, no?

Good eyes, the Carese jacket is $699, and the rest... I'm not sure I want to scare anybody off before I get to posting about the individual suits.

Without sounding overly secretive, I'd rather keep this thread focused on the gear itself. If you'd like to discuss pricing, just call or shoot me a message off-thread. , 774.901.2313 phone , or PM me
Everything forwards to my cell phone, and I'm willing to field late night emails.

I offer an ADV forum member discount, shoot me an email and I'll give you the details.


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