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Originally Posted by HighFive View Post you've just gone too far crofrog, and made a fool of yourself.

So, you lose this point on the basis of such a ridiculous comparison. It would appear that you probably have not ridden an F800 either. Or, at least not more than around the block.
Time to put on my serious face.

I wasn't really trying to win the point. So lighten up :). In the same post I compared a F800 to a 150R I talked about doing coke of a hookers tit, that's what those in law enforcement would call a clue.

I personally think they're both good bikes, just at different ends of the spectrum inside the big traile category. The 950 adventure has more in common with an Hp2 than a 1200gs or a F800. They've all got their problems, I think for the most part we can agree if you want to go stupid fast on a big bike the F800 is a bit less well suited than the 950 for the same thing. At the same time if I wanted to not have to think about the bike as much and just cruise along enjoying the views and the ride I'm sure I'd be happy on an F800.
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