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Time to put on my serious face.
Be a good sport. I'm just returning the serve....its all in fun.
Ok, cool it's so easy to loose tone and inflection. So that's why I put on my serious face. I'm changing back into my tuxedo tshirt now.

I never got to ride an HP2, so I can't say.....other than that is one of the weirdest looking bikes I think I've seen. It never captured my fancy. Whereas, the F800GS really turned my head.
I can understand that. The minute I saw the 950 I knew I was going to buy one.

I haven't decided yet, whether its a blessing or a curse, but every time I make a pitstop on my F800 I get approched by gawkers.

Everyone pretty much ignored me on the KLR. They kept their distance with odd stares when I was on the Black Princess (my 950).....think they were afraid. And, they want to approach, inspect, ask questions all about my F800.....everywhere I go. Kind of weird.

Think I prefer the KLR appeal. It was easier to sneak in and out without being noticed. Nobody wanted to pick over anything. Just sayin.

People just figured you where a hobo on the klr probably where going to ask them for change when they came up to you :)
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