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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
Lots of us on this forum have serious experience racing motorcycles, and some of us did it for money. So when you post the imagery you did, it rings hollow if you know what I mean. None of the racers here would make such statements, because it doesn't even register. Your lecturing was a total disconnect of a newbie to motorcycling.
It should ring like a joke cause it was. Call me a newbie if you want that's cool I'm personally never done learning and improving and I'll keep having fun doing what I'm doing.

Interestingly, many of the old farts you attack are ex-racers! Those boys did that thing and they relish every vision of when they backed that Mutha Scoota' in and claimed their rightful position in the pursuit of the checkered flag.
Once again, not attacking joking. In the my choice is always better than your choice sorta way that these threads always pull up.

Adventure riding is a great outlet for us old fart racers. Most of us are decades past our days of glory. But the truth is, we don't want to get hurt anymore. We all have been hurt. Every single one of us. On the other hand, we like the thrill of a few moments during a ride when things come together in that masterful way. Such a high!

Try a few races. They have more noob friendly classes today (even with your Suzy). You will always be part of something special if you've tried racing at least a few times.
I don't have the DRZ400 any more. I've got a KTM 200exc, KTM 450 SMR, and a 950 adventure. The SMR doesn't have plates or lights and only see's track duty. The 200exc see's more than just trail riding, and the adventure is my anything else bike. The SMR will be seeing ESMRA duty.

I'm currently looking at an sv650 to go ltw twins racing or some 600cc I4 for either supersport or superstock depending on what I can find.
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