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Decided to stay in Springbok for another day or so not much here at first glance but rode around and enjoyed the area, its only small so basically theres only a few roads I didnt ride along in the day. Was lucky enough to get to the hill above Springbok as the guys working on the antenna up there had left the gate unlocked so up I went. Lots of flowers up there on the hill, im sure this area must be spectacular when they are in full bloom its still quite amazing. While I was up there it did occur to me that when the first people setlled here they must of been impressed by just how beautiful the colours are here. All the more reason to dig big holes in the ground and mine I guess.

Its not hard to see how rich in copper this countryside must of been you can actually see it in the rocks not that im any geologist but its pretty obvious just with the colours of all the massive rock formations. As I was riding back up the main drag saw a guy on a Bmw gs 800 all deck out so thought id stop and say gday. Kenny had just ridden down from Cairo with a group of guys in 49 days so followed him back over to where they were staying to meet a few of them. Hung around for awhile but left them to relax they all looked pretty rooted sitting around, they had ridden for about 6 hours today and thats long enough then they had to travel to Cape Town tomorrow another 650 k's dont know if id be up for such a full on adventure, well basically I know I wouldnt the way my back and neck are.

Dropped into the local hardware shop to pick up a few things, chain lube, a few spare hockey straps, made sure I had a spanner to get my front wheel off if needed, something that somehow I'd overlooked in my kit, I'm sure I had one in the beginning but anyway I've got one now. Basically just topped my repair kit up with shit I wasnt allowed to take on the plane. Havent had to worry about it in South Africa as I havent been to far from help but thats about to change in the next day or so, as much as there will be someone along at some stage, apparently in some parts of Namibia you may only see a few cars a day so there may be times where ill need some of it, touch wood I dont. One of the boys Kenny told me he had a trouble free trip on his 800, im hoping I have the same trouble free trip.

Hung around the lodge for awhile walked out the front and was looking at the guy doing the gardening next door and thought they look like prison get up. I walked back inside and asked the girls and sure enough over the fence behind my room theres 110 prisoners all locked up. thats not in the brochure. Went back out to see if the young bloke was still out there he would ben in his early 20's so had a chat to him talked about what he did to get locked up. Apparently he bashed someone but is getting out in 55 days and then on parole for two years. We chatted about the local soccer i've been watching a bit of it, he was an Orlando pirates fan who are from Johannasburg. Being the first two teams I got any news of when I arrived in South Africa the Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs were my two but as the Chiefs were in black and gold the same color as my favorite team back home its not hard to know which ones I favored. He had two kids 6 and 3 so hopefully when he gets out he might not be back, He said the kids live in Springbok and come to visit all the time so thats good.

Gave him a ciggarette then gave him the whole packet I did think I probably should of given him a soap on a rope but it might be a bit late for that now after a few years in stir. Anyway ill never know what will happen to him I guess, lets just hope he can be one of the success stories for his kids, he seemed pretty determined never to be back in there so thats a good start anyway.

Went up the road for dinner and caught up with Kenny and the crew. Eek Andre Andy all were in there having dinner would of been nice to sit down and chat to them more than I did but they were in there own group and on their last night of their journey.

I met Jessica who was travelling with them in the support crew but jumped on the back of the bikes all the time. She was actually from the Congo and by the way gorgeous and now in Cape Town. They did say there was some pretty women in Cape Town well she would of fitted into that catorgory quite easily, im sure the boys enjoyed having her along for the tour, thought about stealing her and taking her with me but oh well next time, got to put the sleeping bag somewhere wtf am i thinking.

We had a chat about the Congo her brother and father are still up there. She could make money on that, a beautiful fair skinned blonde girl from the Congo, yeah right, you would never ever pick her to be from the Congo not in a million years. She was saying that the corruption with the cops is pretty full on if you go there they will always pull you over and hit you up. Jessica was telling me how in the support vechile even the piss stops were only 2 minutes and she basically had to jump into the moving van and I got to see that first hand when they were leaving Eek was saying goodbye and here they are beeping the horn everyone piling in from looking in the shops and then Eek having to jump into a moving van. Organised tours got to love em dont you, definatly not my cup of tea thats for sure Cairo to Cape Town in 49 days I better get cracking it's taken me 87 days so far to get through South africa and there was just so much more to see and do. As the great man said "il be back"

The dinner I had up the Titbits restaruant was as nice as anything ive had in South Africa, if your in Springbok do yourself and grab a meal there bloody lush. Got talking to the owner Anne Marie and she poured us a few Springboks, they are so nice, a green liquer and Kaluha. Anne Marie gave me a few tips on what to see if I stay, but ill decide in the morning at this stage im going though. Oh well off to beddy byes

Was able to get up this hill as they were working on the antenna at the top

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