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Amazing days riding Springbok to Sendellingsdrif

Got up and left The Old Mill guest house at around 10 headed into town to grab some needle and thread to sew my tank bag up, the little hook doovalacky is breaking again and at this rate I've only got about 200 more repair jobs in it. Had a chat to Kubis before we headed off he told me about another border crossing at Sendellingsdrif so decided to take that one rather than the highway crossing in Vioorsdrift. Was a hell of a lot further like 350 odd k's compared to just up the road but oh well sounded good at the time.

Turned out not to be such a wise move if your coming to this border post make sure you get your carnet stamped at Alexandabaai or somewhere else if you can cause there isn't any customs office at this post. But oh well shit happens I just laughed and said to the border cop "oh well ill just have to go back i guess no drama's, he said "oh there should be more people in the world like you it would be a better place" so obviously they get a lot of people turning up and going off there nut about not being able to get their carnet stamped out here. I must admit its in the back of buggery well actually the Richtersveld World Heritage site. I'm not sure exactly how far it is buts its got to be well over a hundred k's to here on a pretty ordinary dirt road with some good spots chucked in. I got up to about a 100k's but mostly slower down to 50k's in most stages. Look I'm sure you could fang it harder but I'm by myself and there aint no one to help out here so just took it easy. I know I hear you, ya pussy.
Was pretty amazing though, just nothing for miles. Was 36 degrees Celsius so slightly warmish but nothing to bad.

As I was riding that last 100 odd k's I came across a Dutch guy Rembrant riding a little Chinese 200cc beast with a little pack with some water, cool hey. Stopped and chatted for awhile he told me he had just stayed a night down in Sanddrift about 10k's further on. He told me about Dicko who has a dream of riding from north of Africa to south on a Bmw so said well I better ride on into town and say g'day to this guy, as I had no idea where I was thought he might be able to point me in the right direction. Rode around Sanddrift for awhile stopped and chatted to a couple of kids then another group walked over with a Rugby ball and I give them the old "go the wallabies" to a whole group of hoots of no way. Headed off and stopped and talked a group of guys asking about fuel they just pointed to a bakke taxi heading off in the distance and said follow him so off I went.

Eventually found Dicko, bought a few Gatorade's to put something back into me and sat down for a chat. Was nice to meet you Dicko and you to Rembrant hope you enjoy South Africa as much as did. Dicko pointed me in the right direction I had missed the turn off about 10 or so k's back so jumped on my bike and headed off to Stellingsdrif. Was starting to get a bit tired had done close to 350k's half of them on dirt the other half flying along an amazing highway through some amazing hills and along the coast at nothing under 130 k's up to around 190. I actually was doing that one handed again videoing the speedo as I'm pretty sure it will be the last time in Africa ill get the chance to do that, well at least for awhile. Seriously though the highways are dead straight for miles and miles and miles smooth as a baby's bum, no wild life anywhere well other than a black Mamba I passed back up in the hills and yeah turned round to get a picture little shit of a thing arching up at me, lucky it pissed off into the bush, it was a dead man if it hadn't, in my book a good snake is a dead snake, oh I know that's terrible Sheldon.

After I got the bad news on the border crossing I went and sussed out some accommodation and got a chalet on the river, tough life for some of us but I'm making do. Kubis and his wife decided to stay here too so as soon as I rode in the gate Kubis saw me and came out saying, do you want a beer. Went over to my chalet and got out of my gear it was so hot in all of it, the way I've got it set up with my Fox knee pad shin guards Kevlar padded boxer under my wet weather daks off it comes in 2 minutes grab my thongs out of the back pocket of my dririder jacket and I'm walking over to grab a Heinekken and relax.

What a day, dont know if ive ever done a day like it with all the extremes of speed on fantastic highways, absolute isolation, winding through hills on dirt roads absolutely great fun, probably why when I was told I would have to go back I wasn't to unhappy. I've checked the maps out i can go back but a different way through the hills. There is an even shorter way through the Richterveld World Hertage Area but ill talk to the guys at the border post tomorrow cause if anything happens in there I'm on my lonesome, its sooo far from anything here. You know, we've got our outback in Australia so growing up knowing and hearing stories about people being lost and you can see it happening here that's for sure, its maybe not as bad here but still not going to take any unnecessary risks and being prepared is essential especially if I am going by myself into these regions. yeah yeah I know harden up princess. You actually have to sign in when you come on this road i guess if you don't come out in a week or two they know something's up, I've watched shitloads of Bear Grills with Logan I know it works in these dangerous situations I should be right ill just get some candy off the camera man like he probably does.

Its 153k's back through the hills to another town Eksteenfontein then about another hundred to Vioorsdrif border crossing so have some fun again tomorrow without taking any wrong turns like today. While I was riding along in the middle of nowhere like 20 k's from Sandrift where I got the Gatorades from Dicko's I came across 3 blokes sitting on the side of the road obviously waiting for someone to come along for a lift.
Stopped to talk to them offered them some ciggies and one bloke asked if I had some water so gave them some water, he's poured it in his gob and spat it straight on the ground it must off been nearly boiling, I said to him in the zipper and he opened it up and there's a full Gatorade still pretty cold, should of seen the look on their faces like all their Christmas's had come at once, ciggies, a cold Gatorade, to easy everyone was happy.
Finished the day off with an amazing sunset it was like the sky was on fire got a semi decent pic I'm not sure if it does it justice though. Anyway bla bla I'm rooted over and out.

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