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Originally Posted by HighFive View Post
$24K was a bit rhetorical....or would that be metaphorical?

Don't you dare ask me to add it up! I might be afraid to roll it off the pavement ever again...

But, ho-chi-momma I like it now.

Back to the 950....regarding that steering stop, mine didn't even have a bolt. Just a frame nub. I bought it used. maybe the previous owner chunked it, I donno. Or maybe he welded extensions to them. My 950's turning radius was very limited....stop to stop. I should have got out the dremmel and grinder. Keep in mind, I come from an Observed Trials background where we can turn handlebars 270 degrees! Warning: more rhetorical stuff.

Comparatively, my F800 turns circles around it.


It is quite the turner... I was gassing up the other day and retardedly pulled up to the wrong side of the pump, so is spun it around, and some guy came came up and was in awe about how tight it could turn... But yea, its nice. I can do a continuous circle in the space of 2 parking spots.

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