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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
Good boy on all points except for the road racing part. The SV is cool, but that is actually for the old farts. They been there and done that. They show up and race those lightweight classes every weekend, and you'll never beat those mutha scoota's. They have it all figured out seriously. If you try that route, you'll probably buy a set of tires per weekend once you make 'expert'. $300 a pop.

Road racing is very expensive if you are trying to compete. Maybe $1000 per weekend on a lightweight bike all in. If you bump to a big bike you will buy an extra set of tires, That is near $500 if you use Dunlop. $460 if Pirelli.

The new AMA Pro rules are helpful. They use a spec tire and the spec tires cost only $375 per set. You get 7 rear tires and five fronts as a maximum. Not bad, compared to what they charge for the English versions in club racing (half second faster). I spent only $1580 on the New Jersey AMA round for tires, and I am proud of that savings. But we had mechanical issues, which ruined some of the track time, so we didn't buy the tires we could have.
Cool thanks for the info
My guess is you are very inexperienced about motorcyles.
I don't know about very inexperienced, but i'm no expert. I think I get it done ok...

PS: in any form of competition, beit motor racing or love, you never stop learning. That's the way life is. Glad you found some of that already.
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