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Third time is the charm

The story is back to 2 years ago when I got the Cafe' itch and really wanted to have a BMW airhead cafe'. Got the 80' R100 RT from Woodie with a family price. However, half way through taking everything off, I decided it will be a total waste cafe' this RT so put everything back and replaced anything needed to be replaced. It runs like a champ and I am still enjoy it every single time while I am on it.

A year later, the Cafe' itch came back. Therefore, I posted a wanted Ads on BMW MOA website and magazine. Few days later, a guy from PA called me and gave me a price that I had no reason to say no. Rented a trailer, drove couple hundred mills down to PA, picked up this German bitch. Once again, half way through ... decided to keep is somehow original. I am really glad how it came out in the end, and never thought an airhead can be this fun.

So .... while my Cafe' itch is somehow cool down, was on Craiglist at work few days ago (shouldn't have done that at the first place). Saw this post ...that can't be true for the asking price. I picked up the phone and called, he still had the bike and the price was as posted. Came home and took my coin-jar to the coin-star, and stopped by an ATM on my way out, got a friend came with me to check out the bike.

The location was in the middle of no where, took some detours, saw 2 bears, and some off road.... found this barn, and the bike .....

As they always say, someone's junk could be someone's treasure. I gave the guy the offer and showed him the green. He took it right away, and the bike was on my friend Larry's trailer less than 10 mins. While we were loading the bike, his phone rang, and he said.. sorry, the bike was sold 1 min ago. I didn't know that's from his wife or really someone else. That was getting late so the bike was stored at Larry's that night. Borrowed Mike's trailer the second day to bring this thing home.

Few interesting stuffs about this /7,
The previous owner knows nothing about this /7.
The odometer reads 25k miles, but I don't buy that.
The year is also unknown

The hammer is doing it's job quite well

This bike was hauling side-car, noticed from those three super strong supporters

It has the electric ignition,

flat top Bing carb

larger oil pan

Vented rear wheel, BMW OEM???

It's a project, part bike, or could be part out ... either way, this is going to be fun ....
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