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Bluhduh Done Lurking....

Hey everyone...

Been a lurker on this site for a while. Saw this thread today and had to post.

I live in central Virginia (Charlottesville). Love riding...everyday, all year 'round...course you can get away with that pretty easily this far south.

I wouldn't claim any expertise about wrenching, but what I know I have figured out using the web, a manual, and old-fashioned trial-and-error...Never done an engine/tranny rebuild - furthest I've ever had to dig into the engine was removing the head.

Shoganai I am just down the road...give a holler next time you're wrenching...I quite good at garage lounging, drinking beer and giving uninformed opinions about how to fix things (just use a hammer...even if it doesn't fix it you'll feel better) .

Current bikes...
1980 Honda CB650C (will sell when I figure out how to get all four carbs to behave)
2003 Kawa Vulcan (hope to sell/trade for a small D/S - really want to get off the pavement soon)
2003 BMW F650CS (great commuter) that intros are over...

Anyone have any sage advice for total loss of power?

Backstory....lent kawa to my daughter...when I rode up to MA for a camping trip back to VA she had serious carb. issues (bike only sat for one-two weeks)

Managed to get it home, bogging and backfiring the whole damn way (probably not the best thing for it)

One fuel bowl (of the two carbs) had obviously bad gas (smelled awful) some grit in it, so obviously clogged carbs...easy right?

Right...I have taken the carbs off twice and soaked and cleaned...pretty certain all the jets and passages are very clean at this point - there was no varnish, just particulates in the fuel I installed a fuel filter (can't believe stock doesn't have one). Replaced the now fouled and abused plugs - bike starts fine, idles smooth, but NO power!!! seriously, worse than a 25cc scooter. Vacuum leak? I checked the lines etc., but nothing obvious....any suggestions?

Love to hear from everyone - advice or rides!


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