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Originally Posted by wirewrkr View Post
It's a 1978.
I've seen the vents before, don't remember why some wheels have them and some don't
Engine number match the frame number?
My 1978 R100/7 also had flattops
Nothing wrong with them. they have a bad reputation for some reason.

What's the giving away clue you said it's a 1978? That will be the year on the bill of sale anyway, LOL.
The vented wheel looks kinda funny and feel those plastic could fall off. The number does match and that's the whole reason I might NOT part out.
What's the issue with flat top Bing?

Originally Posted by Wirespokes View Post
What do you mean - possible parts bike???

You've finally found the perfect candidate to customize and satisfy the cafe urge!

And along the way, you've also discovered why we all cringe when someone shows us a pic of a perfectly good beemer they're going to cafe.

It's not because we're purists or anything else - they're just so cool as they are, but take a little "getting used to". Looks like you've figured that all out. The best route is modifying a project bike - hopefully this one has a sound engine and transmission! And even though you don't believe it, it's quite possible the mileage is correct.

I just got the bike the day before yesterday and haven't had chance to take a deep looking into the engine and tranny yet. That will be the deal maker right there. Also, since it was hauling side car before, the engine might be tired. Who knows...
And, you are right. This is a great candidate for an airhead cafe project since there is no real reason nor value to complete restored it.
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