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Pissed EMS, who blocked in your country for reasons related to copyright

Originally Posted by globalpilot4 View Post

Now that I had approval from the wife, the employer, the bank, the kids, the doctor, and the insurance company, I was ready to start planning and preparing for my trip. My biggest concerns were as follows:

1) Visas- These were a non issue as they are readily available at the borders for the right price...
2) Vaccinations- Having traveled to Africa before for work, I had all the vaccines. Yellow fever, tetanus, polio boosters, Hepatitis A through f'n Z. I decided to have my doc stick me for typhoid fever and a bottle of anti malaria pills. Those damn things will mess you up. They cause terrible stomach aches if taken on an empty stomach, and they give you the most lucid, trippy dreams. I will be glad to be off of these soon!!
3) Riding gear- A non issue since I have everything from riding my F800 GS here in Arizona. I have the Olympia X Moto jacket and pants. Great product and extremely versatile. We rode in temps from near freezing in pouring rain on mountain passes, to 105 degree scorching desert rides in Namibia and Zambia. I was always comfortable! Here is the gear:

4) Boots- My trusty, broken in Sidi crossfires. Worth every penny.
5) Helmet- Arai
6) Underwear- This was one of my biggest concerns! How the hell was I going to pack enough underwear for 16 days of riding with no wash machines?? The answer...Exofficio Boxer Briefs. These things rock. I brought only three pairs. I would wash them in the evening, and they would be dry in about 2 hours. I returned home and threw out all of my cotton briefs for these bad boys!! Enough about underwear!!
7) Airlines- A combination of Continental and South African Airlines got me and all of my gear there and back without a single issue, despite the fact that it took over 35 hours each way! I had a large duffel that I checked with all of my riding gear, including my helmet. I wrapped it up in my jacket to protect it. I then zip tied the outside of the bag. Let me tell you, I was so relieved to see that bag come out on the conveyor belt in Cape Town!! I traveled with a North Face Basecamp duffel bag for my carry on. These things are dust/water/baby/bomb proof. These bags are the shit!
8) Camera Equipment- I brought my GOPRO for my helmet cam, a Canon IS210 for my front pocket for pics in a hurry, and a Canon 550 DSLR for the nice photos. I decided to head out into the desert behind my house for some practice with all this camera equipment.

Note: I know this is a lame ass, cheese dick video, but I was trying to play with various camera settings and angles. I tried to put it to some "in your face" music to make it seem badass...but I know it comes across as gay! With that great intro, I present training day!!

Let the backlash begin! Ha!!
I will Like to see the 2 video but this is what you-tube has to say

[This video content has EMS, who blocked in your country for reasons related to copyright.]
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