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Thanks for the ideas.

Originally Posted by tex_downey View Post

on the bike not starting there is a sensor that tells the bike when to light the spark.iv had motors run on that i just have to keep sparying it in.
There's a timing sensor on the bike. The resistance checks out IAW the service manual, but I didn't check the running voltage yet. I took the right side cover off, and the sensor looks clear, and it reads off the a timing sprocket, which is marked TDC for cylinders 1 and 2 - I checked that the timing sprocket is indicating correctly IRT piston position.

I didn't try starter fluid, but I did try a spray bottle with gasoline. I got a nice big POP once, but was unable to to get it to catch again. As before, if anything, I got flames up the intake, so something's amiss, and I think it's timing... either fuel spray is off, or spark is off.

I found a wiring harness for under $25 shipped on fleabay, so I'm gonna give it a shot in case there's a short somewhere.

If that's not it, I'm really at a loss...
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