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24 Jul 11 – Day 2 Mungerannie to Innamincka

Still getting into our routine, we all were ready early and almost headed of half an hour before our official start time of 0730, bloody interstate time zones, anyone ever heard of Zulu? Whilst I was packing the bike, I thought “This would be the perfect time for a coffee and crank up my new JetBoil” I set it all up and continued packing while waiting for it to boil. Before I knew it Ian was saying “Hey, I think this is ready.” Barely 2min had gone by, I was suitably impressed. So after waiting around and realising that we’d been rushing for nothing, we were once again holding the throttles wide and before long we’d done approx 150km and pulled up for smoko. Kevin needed to top up his fuel being that he was running the standard tank and carrying bladders low on his pannier frames, being well practiced, he’d done this in no time and we were away. We pulled into the roadhouse at Birdsville on 1030, where Ian and I dumped a bit of gear of the bikes into the back of Barnsey’s Ute for safe keeping while we did the loop out to Big Red. I turned around at one point to find Kevin rolling out his swag, thinking I hadn’t kept him up that late, I asked what he was doing? Which he replied, “I can’t find my wallet!” Oh shit I thought. After some frantic searching he found it sitting on top of one of his pannier bags where we think it had been sitting for the last 150kms, he must have been the luckiest man in Birdsville that day. Kevin was parting ways from here and heading to the QLD coast for work, so as Ian I fired up to head out to big red, we said our farewells and wished him a safe ride. Ian and I had a 104km return run out to Big Red which took us about 2hrs, with only a few stops to catch our breath in the sand and 15mins of looking at the amazing views from atop the dune. The volume of water to the east of Big Red was unbelievable. Back in Birdsville we had a quick lunch while loading the bikes and chatting to Barnsey, who Ian had competed against in a few Safari’s many moons ago. Back on the road by 1400 and aiming for somewhere between Cordillo Downs and Innamincka for the night, with the hope we’d get a good run and make the later. There was a remote fuel stop organised out near the Qld/SA border for us where we both topped up the bikes from a 44Gal drum. The run through Cordillo Downs was a very nice station track which for the most part had been recently graded. Coming out of the bottom of the station we came to a T-Junction where we pulled up, got our bearings and discussed our plans for pulling up. It was decided we were looking good to make it into Innamincka by a bit after 1800, so we pushed on. The track from here on became a bit more sandy, but still well graded, so we were able to keep up a good pace through some nice flowing turns which I was really enjoying. With the sun well below the horizon we pulled up out the front of the store at 1830, a bit over our cut off but at least in “civilisation” and some where with beer. We discovered that the store was closed and that we wouldn’t be able to get fuel until 0830 the next morning, oh well, we’d run over time a bit the last two days. What I hadn’t realised was that Ian (The old wise bull, making me the young dumb bull) had booked a room for use at the Pub, and what a room it was. After fighting our way through a packed car park of grey nomads to find the room, a hot shower and chucking on some clothes that would make the tourist pass out from the smell, we went and had a lovely dinner of Sunday roast, washed down with some Coopers Stout and a night cap of Green Ginger Wine (I was trying to reduce my load).
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