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25 Jul 11 – Day 3 Innamincka to Noccundra

Having to wait for the Pub restaurant for brekkie and store to open to get fuel, we had a casual wake up and I had a quick check over the bike. After a hot breakfast, we headed back round to the pumps to wait for the opening. There was a group of older ladies waiting as well and as the door to the store flung open, we were greeted buy the owner in a very ‘pleasant’ mood yelling at the old dears “Why don’t you lot just FUCK OFF, can’t you see I haven’t even got me sign out yet? Just go fuck off and talk to your friends!” Ian offered to put the sign out for him and was quickly told to bugger off. As the dust settled we were told we could start pumping fuel. By the time I’d filled up and walked in to pay the owner couldn’t be nicer to me, even wishing me well on the trip. Ian must have buttered him up, but I got a good laugh out of it all and thought it was great to see that the Innamincka I had experienced 12 years earlier was still there, even if the Pub had gone a bit fancy and the barman looked like he should have been serving Fluffy Ducks in a night club in Kings Cross. By 0845 we were on our way, having lost 1hr 15min wait for fuel, and headed east in search of the southward turn down the Bore Track. Ian had been talking to John about what was to come and was told we could expect to riding in a dry sandy creek bed, but if we looked hard we’d find a 4x4 track which ran along side it. Finding the turn off and having a quick stop to check how each other was travelling, we dropped into the creek/track. I took the lead and was surprising myself as to how well I was handling the sand, even starting to get into a rhythm and enjoying it. Coming to a stop at a Y junction I though was a good place to pull up, have a drink and make sure Ian was still behind me, I waited for what seemed like forever, think shit what’s happened? I decided to turn back to find Ian, as we well away from anything or anyone that might be coming along our path. Thankfully I hadn’t got far when Ian came into view, the first thing I noticed was that his aftermarket rally fairing was looking very out of shape, shit I hope that’s the only thing damaged. Ian had high sided it and hit the deck fairly hard, having a quick look over his bike we couldn’t see anything that was going to fall off, so with Ian’s confidence a bit down we set off to get into Cameron Cnr. where we could do some bush mechanics over lunch. Not far down the track it opened up and we passed across some large flood plains where the local cattle casually watched us go by, with the odd young bull standing his ground in the middle of the track. Our route notes said we needed to pay a donation of $10 each for the privilege of having just survived the Bore Track at the station homestead we passed through. Wandering into the yard we were greeted by a little Jack Russel, who couldn’t have been happier to see us. Not finding anyone around and thinking the dog would just leg it to the pub if we gave him the money, we ended up tucking it under the door with a note. We got into Cameron Cnr. by 1200, quickly chucked some fuel in the bikes and got the backpacker serving us to sort a sandwich and drink for us while we got stuck into Ian’s bike. Turns out the backpacker was into bikes and wanted a bike to go exploring on out there and was more than willing to help us out. Using some brute force, large shifter and some well placed 100MPH tape, we had the fairing and mounting bracket back in shape in about 1hr. Looking at the map we realised there wasn’t much between us and Noccundra, so that became our aim for the night, pushing onto Thargomindah if we still had time. Luckily one of the guys working at Cameron Cnr. told us that there was a mistake in the distance between Cameron Cnr. and Noccundra in our route notes and that it was 261km and not 131km. About 120km out of Cameron Cnr. we came across an elderly couple who had two flats on their Pajero and nothing to fix them with. As I walked over to them I heard Ian ask where they were headed and old bloke who seemed a bit overcome by the situation replied “I’d have to look at a map to remember the name of the place.” After looking at the map, we worked out they were going to Tibooburra. Looking at their tyres I couldn’t believe how bald they all were and how they’d made it this far. Ian got on the SAT phone to Cameron Cnr. and filled them in and asked if they could get someone out ot help them as we didn’t have anything to fix tubeless tyres ourselves. Making sure they had plenty of water and food, Ian and I were about to get underway when another couple pulled up and said they had all the gear to help them out, lady luck had popped up again. It was then that I noticed the front axel pull nut missing on Ian’s bike, having heard about a guy crashing out on the way over to the start from WA, I checked all the clamp bolts and we got going. Not 10min down the road I saw Ian had pulled up, thinking shit what’s happened? I pulled up along side him; he decided to call his long time mechanic and arrange to get a replacement nut sent to Goondiwindi where we were going to get new rubber in a few days time. Thinking the nut might not make it from Adelaide on time; we also range John who was straight onto arranging one to be sent out from his end in Brisbane. Having lost more time it was obvious Noccundra was going to be our stop for the night. Arriving well before our finish time of 1800 we sorted a donga out the back of the Pub which my old man had told me about and settled in. I did my usual end of day maintenance while enjoying a beer and having a chat to 3 guys who where planning on pretty much following our track in reverse to spend a few days down in the Flinders. Dinner at the Pub finished with some locally caught yabbies for dessert.
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