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29 Jul 11 Day 7Woodenbong to Dorrigo

Getting away about 8min late we made our way into the fog and onto the dirt, for what would end up being some of the best terrain wed pass through during the Rally. Following the pink line we kept on the pace in the tight twisting trails into Mallanganee for a quick coffee and then onto Jackadgery for lunch after following the Mann River, crossing it several times. The scenery was spectacular and at times I had to remind myself that I was riding a bike and should be paying more attention to the road ahead. After even more great riding we all pulled up out the front of the Nymboydia Pub, owned by Russel Crowe, at about 1430, without dismounting we decided to push onto Dorrigo for the night, once again hearing the following 90km section onto Taylors Arm could take up to 2hrs. Getting into Dorrigo at about 1630 we called it a day, after what had been the first day of tight technical riding. Finding the Pub we sorted a room and I checked over the bike while Ian and Greg took one glance at their bikes and decided they were good to go. By this stage Greg had settled into the way Ian and I operated and before I knew it hed even sniffed out a Guinness for me at the bar. While enjoying a few steaks in a glass (Guinness) we all went over the maps, looking at options for a route that would get Greg into Canberra by Sunday night and to the dealer first thing on Monday. Making the decision to stick with us and see where we ended up the next day, Greg and I stayed on the Guinness over tea, while Ian stuck with his Lemonade not being a drinker. Feeling refreshed after tea I decided itd be a good idea to stitch up the strap on my pannier which had been damaged in the low side. While doing this, with his sixth sense of knowing when Ive got my hand full, my old man ran which made holding the phone and sewing at the same time interesting. Dad, being a pilot, filled me in with the weather report, which looks pretty good for us out to Tuesday.
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