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30 Jul 11 – Day 8 Dorrigo to Gloucester

Heading out of Dorrigo and into the sub-tropical rain forests, we began to realise why everyone raves about the rides they’ve been on with DETOUR based in Coffs Harbour. We weaved our way through some amazing tracks which looked like they only seen bikes passing though on them for a fair while. At some point in the morning, Ian and I managed to miss a turn as we were distracted by a couple of guys headed the other way who looked like they were having a ball on their unloaded enduro’s. Because of this, Greg managed to steal the lead with out knowing and kept charging on, probably thinking when are these other two going to pull up for a breather. I finally caught Greg, who’d already pulled up and started ordering a coffee, at the ‘Pub with no Beer’ in Taylors Arm. Thinking Ian wasn’t far behind and that we’d discussed making this our morning pit stop, I wandered into the bar for a look around and got myself another Stubby Holder to add to the collection. As Greg and I enjoyed our freshly brewed coffees we heard the rumble of Ian’s 690R coming into town, then ride straight past. Greg and I looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and said he’s got the route, we’ll catch him later, not wanting to waste a good coffee. The next leg took us through more rain forests and we eventually hit the Oxley Hwy to run the bitty up into Gingers Creek for lunch. Our route notes advised us this section was a famous road bike section and to NOT SPEED! Hitting the twisties I couldn’t resist opening it up and was quickly into a rhythm thinking “I wonder how hard I can push these knobbies before it all turns to crap?” Before finding out I’d caught old farmer brown taking his cows to town in his clapped out truck. Deciding to play it safe, I sat in behind him, in the mean time a guy on a road bike came through going the other way at light speed. I was please to see he’d judged the corner well and only missed hitting the back of the truck with his head by about 2 inches, fucking mad man! Over lunch we decided to aim for Gloucester for the night as this would be a good point for Greg to start from to make Canberra the next day. A few K’s west of Gingers creek we left the bitty again and had a great run south through the gradually thinning rain forest, which eventually opened up to grazing land before hitting Gloucester. At some point in the afternoon we pulled up for a regroup and to find out Ian was unable to load the next section of the route in his GPS. Deciding we didn’t have far to go for the day, Greg and I played corner man for Ian with the plan to ring John and sort the GPS once we’d settled in for the night. Finding a motel we all went into our usual routine and at some point Greg snuck off and before I knew it he was handing me a beer while I was half way through pulling an air filter skin off. Mean while Ian had got John on the phone and I was roped into sorting out the GPS issue being the electronics techo. With the GPS and bikes sorted, us showered, we ventured up to the motels restaurant and bar for few more ales and what turned out to be a great feed. Having a bit of a chat with some of the locals at the bar, I got the idea that the motel may have been run by bikies, the fact that the guy running the bar rocked up on a arm chair earlier sort of gave it away as well.
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