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1 Aug 11 – Day 10 Bathurst to Canberra

This morning we followed forestry tracks out of Bathurst and into Crookwell for smoko, skirting the edge of the Blue Mountains National Park. At one point I was climbing out of a creek crossing and into a right hand corner. Running on the inside wheel track of the left hand lane, I looked up to see a tip truck coming the other way and running wide. With both the driver and I shitting our selves, I straightened it up, while he tried to tuck it in tighter. With a collision avoided, and the now fish tailing truck behind me, I for the millionth time thanked my Motorcycling guardian angel for saving my arse. Knowing we had a fairly short day of riding, we leisurely had our morning break enjoying a coffee and apple crumble in the sun. With me planning on staying the night in Canberra with mates and Ian’s plans up in the air, we gave Greg a quick call to let him know our progress and see how he was going. It looked like Greg was going to be heading out of Canberra not long after lunch and with only 102km for us to go, we thought we might catch him so he and Ian could push on together. We got on the charge again and made it in by around 1200 pulling up out the front of Parliament House where I wanted to get a photo of my Rang’r bike in front of the Rang’rs office. Ignoring the sign telling me that I shouldn’t be stopping, I put the bike up on the foot path and quickly jumped off and got the shot off, all the while keeping and eye on the fast approaching Federal Copper on his pushy. I was just about to throw the leg over when the cop pulled up, I went straight into apology mode, but he was quick to say, “It’s not a problem, I can see you’ve come a long way to get that photo, do you want one with you in it?” Hey this bloke was alright, so after a few more photos and filling him in of our travels, we set off in search of fuel. It was about 1300 by the time we’d sorted fuel and found out Greg had left town about half an hour before hand. I had two hours to fill before meeting up with a mate for the night and Ian decided to push on. Waving Ian off, I decided to head round to the bike shop which was another start point for the rally to see if I could find some space to change my rear break pads which were on their way out. Passing a few XXX shops as I made my way through Fyshwick I found the bike shop thanks once again to the little pink line on the GPS. With the pad changed, I met up with my mate and headed for his place and several beers to catch up on the conversation we’d last been on six months ago.
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