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4 Aug 11 Day 13 Renmark to Yunta Finish Line then Home

Provided the shit didnt hit the fan during the next 311km run up to Yunta, this would be Ian and my last day for the rally, with Greg having to make it to Marree for his finish line and then the long haul back to WA. We were greeted by a spectacular sunrise as we headed north out of Renmark and into Danggali Conservation Park for the homeward stretch. Deciding to break the ride into three legs of 100km we all set off at our own pace knowing wed be regrouping at each stop. With Greg out in front, I came over a raise seeing him pulled up and rummaging through his Giant loop saddle bag. Pulling up next to him I didnt even get a chance to say GDay before he ran off into the scrub with dunny roll in hand and in obvious need of a crap. By the time Greg had lightened his load, Ian had pulled up and we had a quick smoko before getting back into it. The next break would be a few kms past Sturt Vale station where Greg picked out a nice shady spot for a drink and what would be our last on the road chin wag. Pulling out Greg took the lead again with me not far behind. I hadnt even got 5km up the road when two Roos decided to play chicken, grabbing a handful of front break I managed to wash of a fair bit of speed before hitting the second Roo which bounced down the left side of the bike. Keeping it upright, I pulled up and turned around to see the Roo was still kicking so I turned back and as I pulled up to the Roo I got out my trusty Bear Gryls knife and put the Roo out of its misery. For you greenies out there, the Roo had a broken hind leg and head injuries, IT WAS NOT GOING TO GET UP AND HOP HAPPILY AWAY! While dealing with the Roo Ian had caught up and looked more concerned then I felt about the whole event, it may have been something to do with the fact that he only told me to not hit any Roos before wed pulled off from the last stop 3mins beforehand. With the Roo dragged off the track and the only damage to the bike being a smashed headlight protector, we got under way again. Id worded up Ian and Greg that I wanted a photo of Ian and I riding across the line into Yunta, so a bit before 1200 we all pulled up just outside of town and Greg was handed our cameras and given 5min to set up for the shot. Ian and I congratulated each other on what had been an unforgettable trip and began our slow roll side by side into town. Greg got the shot and we all pulled into the servo for our last supper together having a laugh over the map on a paper sandwich bag which we told Greg he had to use to find his way through the Flinders. With Greg still needing to cover a fair bit of ground for the arvo, we wished him well and waved him off on his way. Id been thinking about taking the dirt home, but after hitting the Roo and being blown around by winds that were doing there best to drive us off the track, I decided to slab it back down the Hwy back to Adelaide with Ian. So the last +300km would be on the boring black stuff, but we made it safe and were rolling into Adelaide by about 1530. Farewelling Ian, I turned off the Hwy and headed for home, a hot shower and a few days rest before going back to the daily grind. What a ride!
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