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Oddometer: 2,105 that dinner was funny.... like Ted said, a couple of dirt bags in the best seat in the house, laugh untill the tears rolled off our cheeks. I thought we'ed get our asses kicked out. I think the waitress was happy to serve us as we were not the typical clients in that establishment. To her, we were normal..... sort of speak. She took the time to explain in her broken english what the hay we were eating... Some of it I still don't know what it was... Mom always told me to try everything on my plate..... really!!!

Hardware gril has the right to call us dirt bags, as we talked about her in ditches, and us in a fine dinning... Where we clearly did not belong... We should of been in the ditches.... We could of ate for a week for the price of that meal... it was very good however...

Every trip should have at least one meal like that...... The next few days turned cold wet wind rain and late night runs... to sleep on a coffee table????
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