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Originally Posted by Mikey636 View Post
I added a Laminar Lip to my stock screen and now i'm getting a lot of buffeting (but with less wind noise). Kinda weird?

I have it mounted almost all the way up like this:

I'm 5'5" with a 29" inseam and OEM low seat, so I'm guessing I just have it mounted too high? I tried standing up an 1-3"s higher than normally seated and the windnoise/buffeting seamed to get worse. I have one set of the 3M mounting circles left.. where should I try putting them to move the screen lower? Is there a certain formula to determine the most effective windshield height?
Hi Mikey,
I had some buffeting also with the screen in the highest position, however, I am about 5-11 with a 30 in inseam. When I would duck down about 3 inches I would get calm air, so I am surprised that with your height that it doesnt work better for you. Dont use your last set of dots until you have the correct position figured out. Use duct tape at a lower height, until you get it right, then use the dots. I tried a lower setting and reduced the buffeting, but didnt get as much air protection as I wanted. So now Iv'e ordered a Mirage 2,
Good luck,
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